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Q. How much does ketamine treatment cost?

A. $350 for the evaluation and each ketamine infusion.  Payment for each visit must be made at the time of service.  There is no other required deposit or minimum number of treatments.


Q. Is ketamine FDA-approved for depression?

A. No. Ketamine is FDA-approved for use as an anesthetic, but not for depression.  However, medications may be used “off-label” for other indications if appropriate.  A growing body of research supports the use of ketamine for depression.  Esketamine is a closely related medicine which was recently approved for treatment-resistant depression.  See here for more information on esketamine.



Q. Does insurance cover the cost of ketamine treatment?

A. We are “in network” with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and submit claims to them for evaluations. However, the ketamine infusion treatments themselves are not covered by insurance.



Q. How do I know if ketamine treatment may be appropriate for me?

A. Contact our office to arrange an appointment for an evaluation. All patients new to our office must have an evaluation before determining suitability of ketamine treatment.  Please call 630-687-1653 to schedule an evaluation for ketamine treatment.



Q. What do we know about ketamine’s effectiveness?

A. Ketamine has been evaluated for depression treatment in many clinical studies over the past 10-plus years.  To view the results of a recent randomized, controlled clinical trial, visit the American Journal of Psychiatry website.

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