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How We are Different

Unlike other ketamine treatment centers, we are owned and operated by psychiatric staff.  At other facilities, you often have to meet with additional staff on site or at other locations to track the progress of your symptoms.  At Springview Ketamine, we manage everything on-site, where your treatment is conducted by experienced clinicians who can manage your care from start to finish.  If you are already working with a psychiatrist, you can still get your ketamine or esketamine (Spravato) treatment with us, and we will coordinate care with your regular providers.

Our team is led by Dr. David Lott, an experienced, board-certified psychiatrist who is also a Distiguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.  He follows evidence-based procedures to provide the best outcome possible.  For more details, see his bio here.

For ketamine infusions, our $350 cost is lower than most other facilities.  This is a flat fee without any unexpected or hidden charges.

Springview Ketamine

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